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~ Full Services ~

Sometimes planning a significant event can be all-consuming.  Doing everything from researching, contracting, and communicating with the multitude of vendors that you need to organizing the rsvp cards  from your guests and creating a seating arrangement can be daunting and stressful tasks.  There's good news!  I love every second of the planning process and can't wait to do it for you.  Whether you are planning a wedding, a baby shower, a birthday party, or a 50th anniversary, I love it all.  All you have to do is tell me your vision, grant your wish, show up to your stress-free event and have fun!

Just a fraction of the things you won't have to worry about...

~The "What ifs" of event do's and dont's

~Researching, contracting, and coordinating with vendors

~Design Elements

~Sending invitations and organizing rsvps

~Ideas for favors or gifts for family and participants

~All "Day of" planning and execution

              AND so much more!

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